The Macaulay family

About Dan & Danielle Macaulay

Dan is a Gospel Music Award winner and 9 time nominee. Outside of marriage ministry he is most passionate about  leading worship, as well as speaking and teaching congregations on worship and training worship leaders. Dan has written and recorded many original worship songs, many of which have been sung in churches and played on radio around the world. (All the music you hear in the marriage show Dan and Danielle are in, A Better Us, including the theme song, is written by Dan too!) You can find more on Dan’s ministry at his website here.

Danielle is an author of 4 books, including the women’s relationship book “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?!”  (also available as an audio book narrated by Danielle) and the companion Bible study “The Get Along Guide” and its 20-video course available at Also her “Table Talk Family Dinner Devos” Volume 1 and Volume 2 give young families lots to laugh and learn about around the dinner table. Danielle is also a food and devotional blogger ( and often speaks to women groups when not ministering to marriages.

Dan and Danielle both appear regularly on a Canadian Christian Marriage TV show called “A Better Us”. You’ll find Dan and Danielle like to laugh a lot, aren’t afraid to be real and raw, and don’t sugar coat life or marriage. Their marriage isn’t perfect, so they talk like people “in the trenches” along with you. Expect to laugh, find some practical help and tips, regain hope if its been rough, and be encouraged!

One of Dan's songs: "Morning by Morning"
The Get Along Guide from Danielle