Play Pool

How long since has it been since you’ve played pool together? Ever? Why not go to a pool hall and try your hand at it for an evening? Helping your spouse learn to play can be fun. It doesn’t matter if either of you are any good at it – Just laugh and have fun being terrible at it together! Or if you’re both decent at it, why not a friendly wager between spouses?

Couples Tower Game

Pick up this Couples Tower Game and make that the center of a fun and flirty at-home date night! Jenga with a flirty twist! Each block has a flirty or fun challenge to do with your spouse that will get you interacting and having fun in ways you probly would not do otherwise! Who knows where it all leads beyond having a blast and making a fun memory together.

Rock Painting

There might be more than one date night excursion in this one! Step one – go out together and find some small rocks to paint. Smooth and flat rocks work great and those are often found near water. Then, grab a paint kit and paint your rocks together! Have fun – maybe make them encouraging messages to someone – be cause your next step (likely a different date-night) is to go out and leave those rocks around your town, in various places, where they can make someone else’s day, or at least bring a smile and surprise.

Face Paint Each Other

Here’s a fun one! Get a simple face paint kit like this one and have a night where you stay in and paint each other’s face. Take turns giving each other a wild look. See if they can guess what you’re painting on them why what they feel and what colors they see you using. Have some laughs and maybe a “photoshoot” together afterwards!


Here’s an overnight date night idea that can be romantic and rustic at the same time! Tents like this one are not even expensive these days! Pack up and go camping together somewhere you’ve never been. It can be far away or a town away. There are plenty of options out there – some more rustic and some almost glamping! Plan to unplug, cook over the fire together, bring your favorite snacks, look at stars, cuddle and share a big sleeping bag and make a memory.

Foreign Language Dinner Date

Pick a foreign language that you both want to learn and only talk in that language at dinner. While having a themed meal related to the language’s cuisine, work on your pronunciation, vocabulary, and understanding of the culture. Deepening your connection through shared learning and cultural exploration, this immersive experience is both fun and informative.

Silent Disco 

In this new trend, you can wear wireless headphones to a silent party and dance to music played by different DJs. Enjoy the fun of dancing with other people while picking your favorite music station. This will create a unique and lively atmosphere. This new take on dancing makes for a fun and unique date night.

Historical Reenactment

Travel back in time and live through history! Pick a time period that interests both of you, like the Middle Ages for soldiers or the Roaring Twenties for flappers. You can rent or make real outfits that fit the style of the time. Or simply go to a live history museum, a historical site, or a reenactment event where people are dressed as people from the past.

Bookstore Date

Take a trip to a nearby bookstore and look through the different areas together. Choose some books to read together or find a cozy spot to sit and read. This date night is quiet and educational, so you can talk about things you both like and learn about new ones. Many bookstores have a coffee shop inside so you can get a warm drink. It’s a great free way to spend time relaxing together somewhere different.

DIY Craft Night 

Make plans for a craft night where you can both work on an interesting project. It’s fun and rewarding to work on a craft with someone else, whether you’re making candles, a birdhouse, or custom picture frames. This hands-on date night lets you work together to make something that will help you remember the night.