Depending on your town’s farmers market, the can be interesting or even fun. Why not try something you’ve never tried? Sample a few wares… grab a bite or a drink from a food truck… Maybe pick up a few things to bring home and cook a meal together.


Why not act like kids again and visit an amusement park, carnival or fair together? Experience the adrenaline rush of a ride or the thrill of winning a prize again. Take in the smells, the junk food and the people watching together. Make out on the Ferris wheel, crash into each other on bumper cars and hold hands like old times.


The simple classic for the win. To make it a full date, why not start at the grocery store together to pick out your food? Find somewhere secluded, beautiful, or interesting. Observe nature, or people watch, or stare into each other’s eyes. BONUS: put the phones away!