The old classic. If it’s been a while it could be a lot of fun and laughs! Neither of you need to be any good at it for it to be a fun date night. Some towns have especially fun alleys with glow in the dark, lights and music. Some fun snacks while you’re goofing off can make it even more fun!


This one might be “out there” for some of you, but it can be a LOT of fun! (and if you stink at it, it could be hilarious too!) Axe throwing locations are growing in popularity and chances are there’s one not too far away. Apparently there are even LEAGUES for this now if you both like it!


Here’s how it works (married folks). You’re home alone together. You both get nerf guns and start on opposite sides of the house. It’s pretty simple… Wherever you are hit with a nerf bullet, that article of clothing has to come off! You can wear multiple layers to start, but it won’t be long before you’re missing some clothing… You can do with that what you will.


Yes, we said it! This is for the married folks of course! But the old classic might put the spark back into a simple deck of cards. If you’ve forgotten the standard poker hands a simple Google search will remind you of the hands. Then, you can see how long you’ll keep your hands to yourselves!


This really could be actual golfing or mini-golf / putt-putt. Whichever you both like! Most towns have a form of this available. It can be fun for goofing off or you could be competitive – perhaps, if you’re both comfortable, a friendly wager for favors of some kind, could make it a little more interesting!?