Do you remember the movie “Ghost”? Pottery can be sensual, or just creative fun – and maybe unintentionally funny! Want to stay in and keep your pottery moments to yourselves? No problem, get a pottery-at-home kit like this one!


Did you and your spouse like to dance once upon a time? If not, how about a dance class? Maybe you’ll find you love something new together? Or maybe you’ll die laughing about how brutal you were at it! Search out somewhere nearby where dancing is happening and get your groove on! OR, why not set the mood, out on some music and dance at home where no eyes are on you?


The simple classic for the win. To make it a full date, why not start at the grocery store together to pick out your food? Find somewhere secluded, beautiful, or interesting. Observe nature, or people watch, or stare into each other’s eyes. BONUS: put the phones away!