Here’s how it works (married folks). You’re home alone together. You both get nerf guns and start on opposite sides of the house. It’s pretty simple… Wherever you are hit with a nerf bullet, that article of clothing has to come off! You can wear multiple layers to start, but it won’t be long before you’re missing some clothing… You can do with that what you will.


Have you seen this trend on socials? There have been some hilarious results. This could be a lot of fun! You sit across from each other and paint a portrait of your spouse. When you’re both done, you show each other your results! There are painting classes you can do as a date night as well, but painting each other you could do at home with a simple kit like this one!


Do you remember the movie “Ghost”? Pottery can be sensual, or just creative fun – and maybe unintentionally funny! Want to stay in and keep your pottery moments to yourselves? No problem, get a pottery-at-home kit like this one!


Did you and your spouse like to dance once upon a time? If not, how about a dance class? Maybe you’ll find you love something new together? Or maybe you’ll die laughing about how brutal you were at it! Search out somewhere nearby where dancing is happening and get your groove on! OR, why not set the mood, out on some music and dance at home where no eyes are on you?


Yes, we said it! This is for the married folks of course! But the old classic might put the spark back into a simple deck of cards. If you’ve forgotten the standard poker hands a simple Google search will remind you of the hands. Then, you can see how long you’ll keep your hands to yourselves!


Karaoke is fun whether you can sing or not! It’s about abandon and going for it. Personality beats pride here every time. Want to feel the rush together? Make it a duet! We put this on in both the “go out” and “home” categories because you can do find free karaoke tracks on any smart TV through YouTube and sing along together even just at home! (and if you’re home alone you can make it an extra steamy performance!