Of course, this one is seasonal and depends on if that’s at all obtainable where you live. But in the winter, many people live within proximity of at least a small ski hill, and without a hill there is also cross country skiing which can also be very relational and great exercise!


Did you and your spouse like to dance once upon a time? If not, how about a dance class? Maybe you’ll find you love something new together? Or maybe you’ll die laughing about how brutal you were at it! Search out somewhere nearby where dancing is happening and get your groove on! OR, why not set the mood, out on some music and dance at home where no eyes are on you?


If this is outside of your normal, it can be exhilarating and fun. Depending on where you live, finding a place you can rent a kayak or canoe might not be that hard, or it could require a day trip. (So combine it with a picnic!) The teamwork required for a shared vessel will ‘force’ you to work together!


A walk around your neighborhood is nice, but what about somewhere not paved that might feel a little more “unknown”? Google hiking trails near you if you’re not sure where to go. Wildlife Conservation areas are great options. Walking is great for talking and reconnecting, or a quieter approach might allow for some wildlife viewing together!