The Macaulay Family. Dan Macaulay, Danielle Macaulay, Keaton Macaulay, Braden Macaulay
We are Dan & Danielle Macaulay! We’ve been married 23 years, and live just outside of Nashville TN with our two boys, Keaton and Braden. Originally from Canada, we minister frequently in both Canada and USA. Over the years we have been Worship, Youth and Children’s Pastors, and we now minister itinerantly as marriage and family speakers for date nights, conferences, events and retreats. Additionally, Dan also still travels as an artist, musician and songwriter, and Danielle as an author and speaker for ladies and girls.

Our love for marriage and family ministry started when we were asked to be a part of a marriage TV show in Canada called A Better Us. Prior to that, Dan had ministered at hundreds of couples date night events as the musical act, touring with other marriage experts and Christian comedians like Jay and Laura Lafoon, Bill and Pam Farrell and Steve Geyer. However, when we jumped headlong into marriage ministry with the A Better Us show, we fell in love with seeing the difference made in married couples’ lives and became passionate about contributing to seeing marriages succeed, however we could.

Now, between leading marriage date night events, our own marriage podcast, and being a part of A Better Us, marriage ministry is a huge part of our lives and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We have toured with Les and Leslie Parrott and continue to tour in Canada with Ron and Ann Mainse and A Better Us as well.

Marriage is the at the core of God’s relational design, fanning out to families, communities and churches. If marriage is neglected, it’s at the peril of all! We’re here to help grow, encourage and sustain healthy marriages that impact generations to come.


Dan is a Gospel Music Award winner and 9 time nominee. Outside of marriage ministry he is most passionate about  leading worship, as well as speaking and teaching congregations on worship and training worship leaders. Dan has written and recorded many original worship songs, many of which have been sung in churches and played on radio around the world. (All the music you hear in the marriage show Dan and Danielle are in, A Better Us, including the theme song, is written by Dan too! Dan also has an annual Christmas Comedy and Carols tour with Comedian Leland Klassen called Laughing All The Way! Find more about Dan’s ministry at his website danmac.org

Danielle is an author of 5 books, including the women’s relationship book “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?!”  (also available as an audio book narrated by Danielle) and the companion Bible study “The Get Along Guide” and its 20-video course available at GetAlongGuide.com. Also her “Table Talk Family Dinner Devos” Volume 1 , Volume 2 and Volume 3 give young families lots to laugh and learn about around the dinner table. Apart from marriage ministry with Dan, Danielle tours speaking to ladies and young women, and has two tours: The Get Along Tour, for mothers and daughters and the Cozy Christmas Tour (a Hallmark-themed Christmas event!) See more on those at: daniellemacaulay.com.


For a complete list of Dan & Danielle’s marriage ministry and conference dates visit dananddanielle.org

One of Dan's songs: "Morning by Morning"
The Get Along Guide from Danielle


We talked on camera about some of our love story and a few of the struggles that we’ve walked through along the way on the marriage television show, A Better UsYou can watch it here. We hope this is an encouragement to you!

Dan & Danielle Macaulay Christian Marriage Speakers
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